Server Rules

Server Rules

there will be alot of update and change for the game as its online game so when you donate you accpeted for this all

1-No racism at any point. Any racism could result in termination of your character.

2-Account sharing is something that we do not have an opinion on. If you choose to do so, we will not get involved if anything happens to your character.

3-We will never ask for your password, so never give to anyone!

4-Please make sure your password is different from your id.( dont use same info in any othere server)

5-Exploits are not allowed and will not be tolerated, this includes afk levelling and exploiting any bug found. If this is found this could result in termination of the character.

6-Harassment of players in game could lead to warnings followed by more serious punishment if reported and ignored.

7-Macros are a grey area, we are happy for people to use macros to skill levelling, but are not allowed to script pot usage, we have auto pot for that.

8-If players attempt or successfully claim back any fund paid which they have used and have not reason to claim back. the said character will be terminated as this has then had an unfair advantage.

please follow these rules and any questions on them please do not hesitate to contact us via Inbox